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Maybe the world is right and you can't be friends with your exes. Bleh.
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Ugh, Resonance of Fate, you are so beautiful and so frustrating. CAN YOU JUST GIVE ME THE RUBIES OR WHATEVER THE FUCK TO BUY BLACK HAIR DYE FOR VASHYRON?! PLEASE?!
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If everything goes as planned, today will be full of productivity! Mainly I want to clean my room and put up the little Christmasy decorations that I got for my room up. Somehow. I already did my sketch of the day and I need to write 500 words just to get back in the groove of doing shit again.

Yesterday was super productive! I had to work because my place of business does not care about keeping their employees happy or sane, but I still braved the crazed lines of Black Friday to get Duckie's main Xmas present from me. The bullshit thing was I ended up having to pay full price for this thing because the other stores that had it for sale-sale were WAY TOO FUCKING FULL. I mean, the lines were wrapped around the stores. Sooooo I stood in line for two hours to get ONE GOD DAMN THING behind some smelly dude and prepared to get into an epic battle if this fat little bastard that TRIED to cut in front of me several times kept insisting. He backed off once I squeezed past his blubbery tummy and did my stone statue impression. When I finally got to the register I couldn't see any [PRESENT NAME HERE] left, so I kind of freaked out but the dude was like "Yeah, we still have it!" and I almost fainted from relief. The cashier was like "OMG I'm so jealous 8|" and I'm like "lol me too, this is for my sister" and then he was like "She's gonna love you." This is the second time I got cashier approval and I am a little more confident in my gift selection. I wrapped that son of a bitch last night, building a blanket fort in case Duckie randomly came in. I'm totally serious about the blanket fort, too. The cats were really into it.

I only have a few more present-present things to get her and then just stocking stuffers. I also have to get Monya and Terry some Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers PLUS some little gifts for my co-workers since I've known these dudes for almost a year now. X;D So my next two checks are pretty much spent and I'm living off of oatmeal and macaroni and cheese because those are cheap and give me more Xmas money.

Duckie and I also got Christmas decorations last night! I have a cute little Xmas tree and a pimp Nutcracker and shit tons of amazing stuff. CHRISTMAS IS GONNA THROW UP IN THIS FUCKING APARTMENT. 8| Pay day was yesterday and my money is already gone BUT NOTHING HURTS BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH GLITTER AND DUCKIE'S PRESENT IS HERE, IN MY HANDS, ALL WRAPPED AND READY TO GO.

By the way, the wrapping paper I got is pretty fucking rad.
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Hello, DW! Not much has changed in my life, unfortunately, but I did manage to get a neat pair of grown-up earrings out of it! I was working on the melt bin - because I'm pretty much the fixer-up-er guy at work and get all the shitty, lengthy projects that are complete messes because no one has bothered to organize this shit in years and everyone has just been throwing shit around and apparently I get it done super fast! because my boss left for a few days of vacation thinking that I'd be on this project forever and was surprised as shit that I was helping the other girls with their normal work so, yay? I can has raise now? No? Fine. - and there were these two pairs of magnificent aquamarine stud earrings. One was white gold and the other was yellow, I wanted the yellow gold but Nicole had found them first and was really excited about them because her dad's birthstone -and mine - are aquamarine. Then I found the white gold pair and we had a "go team Venture!" moment when we realized omg these were the exact same earrings - srsly, they are majestic, we spent 15 minutes going apeshit over them and wondering why they were going to melt. So, against my better judgment, I got these earrings for $80 with my employee discount. Originally they were like $200+, but since they don't pay us worth the work that we do, I guess they decide to make up for it in discounts? Whatevz. All I know is come Christmas time if the melt bins are still around - which they will be, because the higher-ups fail at their jobs - some people will be getting fancy fucking gifts.

Went to the doctor yesterday and apparently my pee, bladder and kidneys are all clean so hurrah! I'm going to attempt to up my medication for the sads and crazy again, so I expect to feel like shit for a few days which will not be fun but will hopefully work out for the best. I've woken up twice in the middle of the night with a full blown panic attack and it hasn't been great at all. I also got surprise blood work done because some hormone level of mine was low and my doctor wants to check and make sure that my thyroid shit is all ok. She thinks I might have hypo thyroid or whatevz and I'm just like "fffff, being old is lame". I feel like I'm going to be a walking pharmacy by this time next year. Bleh. :( It would explain why I'm always fucking tired, though. DX I guess? Idk, fuck this shit.

Garami had kittens again and they are the stripiest, cutest, most adorable little baby kittens in the world. One is grey like Garami and the other one is black. X3 They have cute, full little tummies and already like having them pet. I think whoever gets these kittens when they're older is going to have some really adorable and loving cats, because these babies are already used to being handled. They better get super nice families.

Focusing on positives:
+ there is a bunch of iced tea in the fridge
+ these kittens are super fun to play with
+ summer is almost over, so maybe the heat will break soon
+ next Friday is pay day
+ Junho's ass is still fine
+ Tom made pumpkin cookies and sent me home with a few, I still have two left
+ I also still have mint chocolate chip ice cream lol nope nevermind someone ate it
+ I have $26
+ hulu is now streaming Coffee Prince and a few other dramas on the Xbox
+ I'm rewatching Game of Thrones

Hope all you hurricane people are safe and that Duckie's future apartment is still standing! D: idek what's going on because I haven't been in front of anything but tumblr, YouTube and uh, my Game of Thrones book.
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I don't know if it was because I tried to watch Fire Walk With Me before I went to sleep or if it was the higher dose of medicine or the egg foo young I ate was laced with bizarre shit, but I had a weeeeird nightmare last night.

I was in high school again, but it was a Korean high school or something? The students were all wearing the uniforms from Whispering Corridors. Anyway, a bunch of students were kind of acting lobotomized and then they'd turn up dead in pretty epically headless ways. So my friends and I are trying to figure out exactly wtf is going on instead of just transferring or doing something normal, when Miura Haruma [lol srsly wtf?] finds something out but before he can tell the rest of us what he knows, he comes to school the next day acting like one of the lobotomy kids. So, before lunch, I see something that really upsets me and I get all of my friends and am just like "guys, we have to leave NOW" and so we drag Haruma's ass out but the principal comes out after us and gives us some weird speech that I can't remember and he has this little bell in his hands. He tells us to come with him and we're like "lol no fuck you" so he rings the bell twice and Haruma goes over and we're like "dude what the shit?!". He rings it again and one of our other friends gets all weird and trance-y and goes over, so the remaining three and I are like "well, we can't just fucking leave those losers and I don't want to get all bell-zombied so ..." very, very reluctantly we go back inside the school.

We go into the cafeteria and just start crying. And, dudes, let me tell you - this lunch line was the weirdest shit. It looked like alien goop and the leftovers at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house were all lined up for us. The lunch people were really creepy, too. I can't even explain their creepiness, but they were terrible. We grab our trays and sit at a booth and try to be normal and then we hear this fucking saw or something. We look at where the sound is coming from and there's just some girl getting her head sawed off and she's not even screaming and the students are pretty much acting like "well, this is business as usual". And dream me is sitting there, quietly freaking out and trying to figure out a way to get out of this safely when some bitch comes up to me and is trying to measure my neck. Dream!me bolts after that.

So I'm running and running and running down the street to my friend's house because my parents are never home and my friend opens the door and I explain all this terrible shit to her. So we go into her basement with her brother and lock ourselves in this weird little section of the basement that is kind of like a house within a house. Her parents come home and they start barricading the basement house and they tell all of us to not look out the windows or to go into the basement house's basement. My friend's little brother forgets that rule and then the whole house changes into some weird place with only one normal section that we refuse to leave because there are bad people waiting for us outside.

I can't remember anything after that except we tried to trick them by throwing a fake skull outside. Srsly, though, wtf is that shit? D:
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I've been meaning to make a real update or something of the sorts - well, real as in fangirling and being like "oh fuck, I forgot Alice Madness came out" and such. I really want to shoot zombies with my frands, but I don't think I have any left lololololol. Also, my game is somewhere else right now.

And I'm working six days a week, 7-6 most days, 7-5 fridays and 8-4 on saturdays. I am in a raaaage and very tired. At least I'm losing weight? Idk.

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I legit feel like Jewfro on Glee. "That's sexy! xo That's so sexy! Don't stop doing that! Don't stop doing that!"

When is Key dancing to this? He needed to do it, like, yesterday.
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So I spend a lot of time cruising for gifs and about half that time I'm cruising for Shinee since they are my favorite ice cream flavor this summer. I mean, I liked them before but that was when Shinee was just about Key being fabulous to me and making some really catchy and ridiculous songs. Key's still fabulous and they're still making catchy and ridiculous songs, but now I like all of them. Little fuckers. Plus they have totes adorbs and hilarious "reality" shows, so whatevz.

ANYWAY, POINT OF THIS POST, I believe I may have found the most hilarious gif ever that doesn't involve manipulation. BEHOLD!


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Yay, sick day. After having three panic attacks last night and feeling like I swallowed a pinecone or maybe even an extra bristly porcupine that was hellbent on wrestling its way through my intestines or whatevz this morning, I decided to just suck it up and call out. It hasn't been terrible, not gonna lie. I got to catch up on zombie lane and cruise through Tumblr for sparkly rainbow pics and kpop faggotry and watch some things on the Netflix while lounging with the cats. I'm trying to watch Dreamcatcher because I vaguely remember some dude shitting out an alien? Maybe I hallucinated? Whatever, I'm watching it to remember if that actually happens and how he ended up doing it. This movie is so fucking boring omg.

Almost as boring as Gaga's latest singles amirite? I thought I might be excited about "Judas" because really, nothing can be as bad as "Born This Way" and it's not but jfc. These are pretty much accurate representations of how I feel about Gaga right now:

At least the video had hot!Jesus and a guy pouring beer on her ass, I guess.
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Finally beat Portal 2 and I feel like a boss! :Db Co-op is so amazingly fun which was surprising to me because I thought it would make Duckie and I hate each other, but it doesn't (for me at least lol) and she's been very very patient with my fail brain. I think I figured out one puzzle for us and she has been championing the rest as expected. If God wanted me to be smart, he would've made me that way so - whatevz.

Also, NJ public schools weren't the best in my day. Emo tear.

Stole this from [personal profile] terabient. It's the My Zombie Apocalypse Movie Soundtrack meme, which I completely followed instructions on and put my playlist on random. Gayest zombie apocalypse movie EVER. )
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lololol I'm not going to spoil anything for Portal 2, but omg I love it. So much. I just - my love is like this right now:

Jizzing my pants!love

So excited and I just can't hide it!love

The rat dens are super neat this time around. >o> And everything so far is dllfkdlfkdlfkdlfkdlfkdl.