Aug. 14th, 2011

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I don't know if it was because I tried to watch Fire Walk With Me before I went to sleep or if it was the higher dose of medicine or the egg foo young I ate was laced with bizarre shit, but I had a weeeeird nightmare last night.

I was in high school again, but it was a Korean high school or something? The students were all wearing the uniforms from Whispering Corridors. Anyway, a bunch of students were kind of acting lobotomized and then they'd turn up dead in pretty epically headless ways. So my friends and I are trying to figure out exactly wtf is going on instead of just transferring or doing something normal, when Miura Haruma [lol srsly wtf?] finds something out but before he can tell the rest of us what he knows, he comes to school the next day acting like one of the lobotomy kids. So, before lunch, I see something that really upsets me and I get all of my friends and am just like "guys, we have to leave NOW" and so we drag Haruma's ass out but the principal comes out after us and gives us some weird speech that I can't remember and he has this little bell in his hands. He tells us to come with him and we're like "lol no fuck you" so he rings the bell twice and Haruma goes over and we're like "dude what the shit?!". He rings it again and one of our other friends gets all weird and trance-y and goes over, so the remaining three and I are like "well, we can't just fucking leave those losers and I don't want to get all bell-zombied so ..." very, very reluctantly we go back inside the school.

We go into the cafeteria and just start crying. And, dudes, let me tell you - this lunch line was the weirdest shit. It looked like alien goop and the leftovers at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house were all lined up for us. The lunch people were really creepy, too. I can't even explain their creepiness, but they were terrible. We grab our trays and sit at a booth and try to be normal and then we hear this fucking saw or something. We look at where the sound is coming from and there's just some girl getting her head sawed off and she's not even screaming and the students are pretty much acting like "well, this is business as usual". And dream me is sitting there, quietly freaking out and trying to figure out a way to get out of this safely when some bitch comes up to me and is trying to measure my neck. Dream!me bolts after that.

So I'm running and running and running down the street to my friend's house because my parents are never home and my friend opens the door and I explain all this terrible shit to her. So we go into her basement with her brother and lock ourselves in this weird little section of the basement that is kind of like a house within a house. Her parents come home and they start barricading the basement house and they tell all of us to not look out the windows or to go into the basement house's basement. My friend's little brother forgets that rule and then the whole house changes into some weird place with only one normal section that we refuse to leave because there are bad people waiting for us outside.

I can't remember anything after that except we tried to trick them by throwing a fake skull outside. Srsly, though, wtf is that shit? D:


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