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If everything goes as planned, today will be full of productivity! Mainly I want to clean my room and put up the little Christmasy decorations that I got for my room up. Somehow. I already did my sketch of the day and I need to write 500 words just to get back in the groove of doing shit again.

Yesterday was super productive! I had to work because my place of business does not care about keeping their employees happy or sane, but I still braved the crazed lines of Black Friday to get Duckie's main Xmas present from me. The bullshit thing was I ended up having to pay full price for this thing because the other stores that had it for sale-sale were WAY TOO FUCKING FULL. I mean, the lines were wrapped around the stores. Sooooo I stood in line for two hours to get ONE GOD DAMN THING behind some smelly dude and prepared to get into an epic battle if this fat little bastard that TRIED to cut in front of me several times kept insisting. He backed off once I squeezed past his blubbery tummy and did my stone statue impression. When I finally got to the register I couldn't see any [PRESENT NAME HERE] left, so I kind of freaked out but the dude was like "Yeah, we still have it!" and I almost fainted from relief. The cashier was like "OMG I'm so jealous 8|" and I'm like "lol me too, this is for my sister" and then he was like "She's gonna love you." This is the second time I got cashier approval and I am a little more confident in my gift selection. I wrapped that son of a bitch last night, building a blanket fort in case Duckie randomly came in. I'm totally serious about the blanket fort, too. The cats were really into it.

I only have a few more present-present things to get her and then just stocking stuffers. I also have to get Monya and Terry some Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers PLUS some little gifts for my co-workers since I've known these dudes for almost a year now. X;D So my next two checks are pretty much spent and I'm living off of oatmeal and macaroni and cheese because those are cheap and give me more Xmas money.

Duckie and I also got Christmas decorations last night! I have a cute little Xmas tree and a pimp Nutcracker and shit tons of amazing stuff. CHRISTMAS IS GONNA THROW UP IN THIS FUCKING APARTMENT. 8| Pay day was yesterday and my money is already gone BUT NOTHING HURTS BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH GLITTER AND DUCKIE'S PRESENT IS HERE, IN MY HANDS, ALL WRAPPED AND READY TO GO.

By the way, the wrapping paper I got is pretty fucking rad.
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