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Hello, DW! Not much has changed in my life, unfortunately, but I did manage to get a neat pair of grown-up earrings out of it! I was working on the melt bin - because I'm pretty much the fixer-up-er guy at work and get all the shitty, lengthy projects that are complete messes because no one has bothered to organize this shit in years and everyone has just been throwing shit around and apparently I get it done super fast! because my boss left for a few days of vacation thinking that I'd be on this project forever and was surprised as shit that I was helping the other girls with their normal work so, yay? I can has raise now? No? Fine. - and there were these two pairs of magnificent aquamarine stud earrings. One was white gold and the other was yellow, I wanted the yellow gold but Nicole had found them first and was really excited about them because her dad's birthstone -and mine - are aquamarine. Then I found the white gold pair and we had a "go team Venture!" moment when we realized omg these were the exact same earrings - srsly, they are majestic, we spent 15 minutes going apeshit over them and wondering why they were going to melt. So, against my better judgment, I got these earrings for $80 with my employee discount. Originally they were like $200+, but since they don't pay us worth the work that we do, I guess they decide to make up for it in discounts? Whatevz. All I know is come Christmas time if the melt bins are still around - which they will be, because the higher-ups fail at their jobs - some people will be getting fancy fucking gifts.

Went to the doctor yesterday and apparently my pee, bladder and kidneys are all clean so hurrah! I'm going to attempt to up my medication for the sads and crazy again, so I expect to feel like shit for a few days which will not be fun but will hopefully work out for the best. I've woken up twice in the middle of the night with a full blown panic attack and it hasn't been great at all. I also got surprise blood work done because some hormone level of mine was low and my doctor wants to check and make sure that my thyroid shit is all ok. She thinks I might have hypo thyroid or whatevz and I'm just like "fffff, being old is lame". I feel like I'm going to be a walking pharmacy by this time next year. Bleh. :( It would explain why I'm always fucking tired, though. DX I guess? Idk, fuck this shit.

Garami had kittens again and they are the stripiest, cutest, most adorable little baby kittens in the world. One is grey like Garami and the other one is black. X3 They have cute, full little tummies and already like having them pet. I think whoever gets these kittens when they're older is going to have some really adorable and loving cats, because these babies are already used to being handled. They better get super nice families.

Focusing on positives:
+ there is a bunch of iced tea in the fridge
+ these kittens are super fun to play with
+ summer is almost over, so maybe the heat will break soon
+ next Friday is pay day
+ Junho's ass is still fine
+ Tom made pumpkin cookies and sent me home with a few, I still have two left
+ I also still have mint chocolate chip ice cream lol nope nevermind someone ate it
+ I have $26
+ hulu is now streaming Coffee Prince and a few other dramas on the Xbox
+ I'm rewatching Game of Thrones

Hope all you hurricane people are safe and that Duckie's future apartment is still standing! D: idek what's going on because I haven't been in front of anything but tumblr, YouTube and uh, my Game of Thrones book.

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Date: 2011-08-29 07:10 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] terabient
yay white gold earrings! uhhhh how does your workplace decide what gets melted and what doesn't anyway? o.o

:c panic attacks. they are the worst and i hate them and i'm sorry you've had them lately :( i hope the medicine helps with that super-fast with minimal side effect dickery.

anyway, the hurricane was NOT EVEN A HURRICANE but we had to be careful anyway because there was like rain on the ground and ankles could have gotten wet and cold and the wind could blow off hats and stuff, it was very stressful. BUT EVERYONE SURVIVED even through such terrible conditions. yay!

i do not know what is going on either unless it involves a) tumblr, b) xblox or c) fucking houses

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Date: 2011-09-05 07:12 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dioscuri
Hypothyroidism doesn't have anything to do with age. :\ People get diagnosed in their teens and twenties a lot. Did you tell your doctor about the panic attacks?


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